Import from the EU and FE into South Africa

Deona is the place to be for importing EU vegetables and herbs from the Far East into South Africa. We are fully capable to handle the entire process from ex works to duties delivered paid (ddp) according to incoterms 2010. We have the know how about import due to experience with import from several European countries.

Globalgap and SKAL certified

Availability imports


White Cabbage
week 1-52


Red Cabbage
week 1-52


Pointed Cabbage
week 22-5


Savoy Cabbage
week 36-5


week 1-52


week 1-52

Deona cabbage can also be supplied with a serified SKALL cerificate (biologically grown).

Colli specifications cabbage

Example number – F0046902.
485 x 295 x 160

  • 14 x 8 on a pallet (= 112 colli per pallet)
  • 20 pallets per container (2240 colli per container)
  • 6 cabbages per colli (13,440 cabbages per container)

Example number – F0046904.
585 x 390 x 180

  • 14 x 5 on a pallet (= 70 colli per pallet)
  • 20 pallets per container (1400 colli per container)
  • 9 cabbages per colli (12,600 cabbages per container)


Colli specifications of ginger and garlic are available on request.

Certain type of cardboard coating necessary due to cabbage humidity.
Logo on colli will be in the e-fruit family style: E-Cabbage
Colli stereo available on request.

Transport en Transit

Transport will be done by boat, road and truck.

  • 40 ft hi Cube Reefer container
  • 0-2 degrees temperature
  • Vents: 10-40 kubic meter
  • Humidity: 90-98%
  • Lead-time: 4 weeks to Cape Town


The price will be by means of a contract mutually sealed with a Letter of Intent guided with a general delivery condition and agreed protocol of handling.

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