Fruit destination markets

Deona is known for fair trade into Europe, Canada, Asia, the Middle East and Russia.

Current destinations

      Fruit supply chain from door to door

      Receiving our fruits or vegetables door to door within Incoterms (2010) of the ICC ruling we can control our quality. As producer, packer and exporter it is important for Deona to minimizes all risk. This is to present quality fruits you can work with.

      All our farming practices we strive to protect earth and people and therefore within the door to door principles of forwarding we are internationally able to sell good quality fruits.

      All the people working within our door to door real time distribution network have the same vision and are professionals who understands each other’s governance models to better all EBITDA’s involved.

      How to become a reseller of South African fruit


      Contact us

      Visit our contact page, put in your details and send the form to us.
      After that, we will get in touch with you to discuss all details and your wishes.


      Get your supply plan

      We will set up a custom supply plan for you. If you agree on this plan, we will put up a contract mutually sealed with a Letter of Intent guided with a general delivery condition and agreed protocol of handling.

      Receive door-to-door shipping

      Receive door-to-door shipping, so the fruit will be picked up from our packaging location and delivered to your warehouse anywhere in the world. This is different from door-to-port or port-to-port because it begins at our packhouse and ends at your specific address. All with just one invoice.

      Environmentally responsible

      Deona Export is a socially and environmentally responsible grower-exporter of fruit.
      As such we subscribe and adhere to the vision and principles of certification.

      All imported productes are done by certification as well and the cabbage is biologically grown. 

      We’re here to help you

      Set up an appointment with us today and see how we can create a custom supply plan for you.