Acceditations and associations

Deona Export is a socially and environmentally responsible grower-exporter of fruit.
As such we subscribe and adhere to the vision and principles of certification.

All imported productes are done by certification as well and the cabbage is biologically grown. 

Deona Export has been Global Gap certified since 2005

As a member of Global Gap and a certified holder it has assisted us to access both local and international markets by producing high quality products that comply with food safety and quality standards as required by the markets. Moreover, the certification program ensures health and safety to consumers and helps producers to gain gradual recognition and acceptance from mainstream commercial markets.

It has increased our confidence in how we operate and navigate a food safety problem and feel like our overall risk as a farmer is decreased by reducing pesticides and other chemical use and to be conscious when using natural resources. Thus, we have obtained higher revenues for crops.

Deona Export provides assurance that food has been grown using recognized levels of quality and safety.  We also ensure that it has been produced sustainably in a way that respects the health, the environment and the welfare and safety of workers and animals.

Continues improvement of labour and environmental conditions

The SIZA Certification Process is new to Deona Export as this (2021) is our first year certifying for SIZA. This has been a very exciting, improving and educational journey for Deona Export.  Implementing various new systems of recording information both for crops and workers. We are very pleased that we have been certified with a Gold Certificate especially with this being our first year of certification, especially as the certification process demands hard work from both managers and employees at all levels. The certification process has also been a learning experience for us and will enable us to improve on our requirements whereby we plan to achieve a higher certification level upon our next audit being 2023.

The goal is to have a commitment of continues improvement of labour and environmental conditions on our farm in a practical and comprehensive manner which has the potential to benefit businesses and impact positively on many of employees.

Download our Siza Certificate.

All our acceditations and associations

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